Upgraded Orchard Website to Orchard CMS 1.5
Aug 30, 2012
Author: David Hayden
Upgraded Orchard Website to Orchard CMS 1.5

I upgraded this Orchard Website to Orchard CMS 1.5 which was just released over the weekend. I am just starting to write Orchard Tutorials on the various new features like Custom Orchard Forms, Admin Content Search in Orchard CMS, and the new pluggable navigation in Orchard. Lots of really nice features in Orchard 1.5.

Orchard 1.5 Features

Some of the features I really like in Orchard 1.5 include:

These are just some of the new features in Orchard 1.5.


If you are running an Orchard Website before Orchard 1.4, you owe it to yourself to upgrade your Orchard Website. Lots of new features in Orchard 1.4 and Orchard 1.5 that will make upgrading somewhat of a challenge. Best to upgrade now while the upgrade steps are still in the minds of Orchard Web Developers. Lots of really nice features, too, as well as performance enhancements!

If you don't want to upgrade your Orchard Website yourself, I am available for hire. Contact me.

Orchard CMS Developer

David Hayden is an Orchard Web Developer for hire. David specializes in developing Orchard Websites, Orchard Themes, and Orchard Modules. He regularly blogs and speaks about Orchard CMS. Check out his Orchard Tutorials.

Written by David Hayden, Aug 30, 2012