Starting Fresh
Apr 19, 2012
Author: David Hayden
Starting Fresh

I have decided to start a fresh blog after 14 years of writing tutorials on a wide varierty of techical subjects related to .NET Development. I thought about migrating the several thousand blog posts ( sadly I am not exaggerating ) from my old .Text Blog to my new Orchard CMS Blog to maintain the wonderful website traffic and SEO ranking and optimization. However, in the end I just couldn't help but feel I needed a fresh start. Fourteen years is a lot of blogging and technology changes quickly. Time to start fresh.

There are only 2 things I know for sure about this blog. First, it had to be based on Orchard CMS. I currently make my living developing Orchard Themes, Modules, and Websites based on Orchard CMS. If you are interested in Orchard, I highly recommend you visit my other websites: and

Second, this Orchard Website has to be responsive. I spend a fair amount of time developing responsive websites and jQuery Mobile Websites for clients. In addition, I also surf the website mainly on my iPhone and iPad. Therefore, this website has to be easily viewable on a smartphone, tablet, and desktop. jQuery Mobile is completely overkill, but a responsive website using media queries is perfect for this website.

That's all I know for sure. I now raise my glass to a fresh start!

Orchard CMS Developer

David Hayden is a Microsoft MVP in C# and freelance developer specializing in Orchard CMS and ASP.NET MVC Websites. David speaks at various user groups and code camps around Florida as well as ran the Sarasota Web Developer Group and Tampa ASP.NET MVC Developer Group.

Written by David Hayden, Apr 19, 2012