Download Orchard Modules and Themes via WebMatrix 2 Nuget Gallery
Jun 09, 2012
Author: David Hayden
Download Orchard Modules and Themes via WebMatrix 2 Nuget Gallery

Microsoft had several important announcements this past week. The main announcements was the new and improved Windows Azure and its support for Web Sites. As an FYI, I created a quick tutorial on Installing Orchard CMS as an Azure Web Site. Another announcement was the release of WebMatrix 2 RC, which includes a lot of neat features including node.js support; HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, C#, and jQuery Code Completion; iPhone and Windows Phone Emulators, etc. I'll talk about those WebMatrix 2 features another time. Right now I wanted to mention the ability to download and install Orchard Modules and Themes via the WebMatrix 2 NuGet Gallery support!

Installing Orchard CMS Modules and Themes using WebMatrix

WebMatrix has always been a wonderful editor for working with Orchard CMS. If you aren't an Orchard CMS Developer and have no plans to develop Orchard Modules, you do not need Visual Studio to build Orchard Websites. Microsoft WebMatrix, JetBrains WebStorm, Sublime Text 2, and other IDE's and editors will work just fine. One of the advantages of Microsoft WebMatrix 2, however, is its support for downloading and installing Orchard Themes and Modules directly from the editor.

With WebMatrix 2 developers now have the ability to download packages from a NuGet Gallery and the ability to add one or more NuGet Feeds to WebMatrix. By default WebMatrix comes with support for the default NuGet Feed, but you can add the Orchard Gallery as a NuGet Feed and download and install Orchard Themes and Modules right within WebMatrix.

Run WebMatrix 2 and open an Orchard Website. Click on the Gallery (NuGet) button on the toolbar. By default it will open the last NuGet Gallery you chose. Notice there is a list of NuGet Galleries you can choose from with the ability to add a new source. Also notice that I have already added the Orchard Gallery to the list allowing me to download and install themes and modules from Orchard's Online Gallery.

Downloading Orchard Themes and Modules in WebMatrix 2

As you would expect, when you choose to "Add source..." you have the ability to add the official Orchard Gallery.

Add Orchard Gallery to WebMatrix 2 Nuget Gallery Feeds

Now that you have added the Orchard Gallery as a souce, you can download Orchard Themes and Modules directly from within WebMatrix 2.

As an FYI, I talk more about the Orchard Gallery NuGet Feed at Fixing the Orchard Gallery Feed Error - Install Package Failed, which has a link to the Orchard Gallery and more in depth information on the URL, etc.


WebMatrix 2 has quite a number of new features. I will definitely be digging into them more and more. If you are interested in more information about using WebMatrix with Orchard CMS, I have a few posts on the subject with more to come!

Orchard CMS Developer

For more information on Orchard CMS, please check out my Orchard Tutorials. Contact me if you are looking for an Orchard Developer to develop custom themes and modules.

Written by David Hayden, Jun 09, 2012